Innovation in ICT
and Engineering

Phidishano is a leading provider of cutting-edge ICT
and Engineering solutions, delivering excellence through innovation,
expertise, and reliability.

Experiencethe Future
of ICT and Engineering

At Phidishano, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations. With our technical excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are the leading choice for all your ICT and engineering needs.

Transforming Industries with Cutting-Edge Solutions

At Phidishano, we pride ourselves on our advanced technology, exceptional team of experts, and
comprehensive solutions. We are dedicated to transforming industries and delivering
unparalleled results.


Innovate, engineer solutions driving progress, empowering businesses globally. At forefront of technology, delivering excellence, fostering sustainable growth for clients, communities.


Revolutionize tech and engineering, be transformative partner, shape smarter, more connected future for global organizations seeking innovative solutions.


Thought leadership: Inspire innovation, drive progress, share insights. Operational excellence: Optimize efficiency, maintain quality, reliability in all business operations.

Providing Comprehensive IT Support
and Engineering Solutions

Managed IT Services

Managed services for businesses: network, security, help desk, system maintenance, subscriptions.

Video & Audio Conferencing

Solutions for virtual meetings, collaboration, and communication through video and audio channels.

Website Hosting

Provision of hardware, software, and IT equipment to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.


Precision solutions ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency in industrial applications.

Building Construction

Innovative construction delivering functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing buildings tailored to needs.

Civil & Structural Construction

Expert engineering for robust, safe, and cost-effective infrastructure projects and buildings.

General Maintenance

Comprehensive services keeping facilities, equipment, and systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Minimum of R650
Solutions for your technology needs


Collaborating with industry leaders to drive innovation and success

Phidishano holds certifications from top professional organizations.

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